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-The BAU has investigated 130 cases with 178 unsubs.
-Around 2/3s of BAU cases involve Serial Killings, 13% involve Kidnappings and 10% are Spree Killings. The other 10 or so percent involve arson, serial rape, hostage situations and other miscellaneous crime.

-The BAU has come face to face with 14 **********, 3 Arsonists, numerous sexual sadists and 4 cannibals (ew) in the past 6 years.
-13.4% of the unsubs have been women. (This is slightly greater than the national estimate for serial killers)
-Of the Female unsubs, 26.3% of those were a part of a killing team. (Slightly below the national average)
-5.6% of the unsubs have been of a race other than white.
-2 unsubs have been prepubescent boys, a number more were teenagers.

-The BAU jet has traveled over 287,000 Miles round trip to and from 88 cities.
-They've visited a total of 38 States. They never traveled to Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia.
-23% of the BAU's cases take place within the DC metro area (Under 1 1/2 Hour Driving Time)
-The most cases they've taken in one city is 6, in Los Angeles, CA.
-4 Episodes have sent the BAU outside of the US. They've gone to Montego Bay, Jamaica; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Ontario, Canada; and Allende del Sol, Mexico.

The Team
-There have been 11 members of the BAU team, yet, no more than 7 have appeared in one episode.
-BAU team members have been held hostage/kidnapped 4 times.
-Elle, Reid, Garcia, Prentiss and Hotch have all been put in the hospital by unsubs.
- Rossi has never been hurt or sent to the hospital because of an unsub.
-Some members who were hurt but treated on scene are JJ, Morgan, Prentiss, Gideon and Hotch

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