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Fanfiction guidelines.
1. Spell check all stories and poetry. There is no excuse for not doing this.
2. Proofread all entries for grammar and other aspects of writing before submitting your story. Don't be too hasty to get it on the site.
3. Respect the reviewers points of view. Not all reviews will praise your work. If someone criticizes a portion of your writing, take it as a compliment. Someone who takes the time to read your writing has given of their time so please don't be offended if they given an opposing opinion.
4. Use proper textual formatting. No texting words or symbols to express yourself. Use only capital letters in the story title summary, or for chapters.
5. Do not ghost write.
6. Stories must be rated no more than PG. (parental guidance) This site is for 13 years and over. This means no porn, animal abuse, sexual abuse in detail, sex between characters who are not already established within that character as per television show. E.G. Reid is not gay so therfore he cannot be made a gay person.
7. Please keep the characters respectful and as true to form as possible. Please remember you are using a copyrighted character to form their personalities within your stories. Copyright is not applied to ideas, concepts, facts or other broad principles regardless of whether they are expressed in a tangible medium or otherwise.
8. No swearing profoundly.
9. Your fanfiction must not be for commercial use and must stay nonprofit.

Any inappropriate material found will have the page locked and the author contacted. Should no reply be met within a short time, said offending material will be deleted off.

Fanfiction is not infringing if it constitutes fair use of the underlying copyrighted work or character.

Legal issues with fan fiction.

The stories and websites of our favourite team
The Criminal Minds Fic Archive
This archive is dedicated to all CM fanfic, and all shippers welcome (Garcia/Morgan, Garcia/Reid, Hotch/Prentiss, JJ/Prentiss, Hotch/Gideon, etc...). You simply register and then upload/post your fics. Each author manages their own fics and account.

BAU Fiction
An archive of Criminal Minds fics on LiveJournal. Includes most pairings and ratings, but does have a large slash focus. Please read all warnings beforehand.

Hotch centric oneshot
They were polar opposites. Hotch muses on Hayley as the divorce papers lie on his desk.

Charmed Mummy
Garcia/Morgan - She was everything he could ever want or need.

The Potomac
Garcia/Morgan - This time it was his turn to comfort her.

Deanne Stevenson
Always Late on Mondays
Morgan/Prentiss - A little flirtation.

Kavi Leighanna
Garcia/Morgan - If there was one thing Penelope Garcia loved most, it was watching the BAU return parade.

Haley goes to visit Hotch at work, and quickly realizes her mistake.

Reid really hated guns, but it was a little late for that now.

Just some scenes I would have liked to see in the episodes. No pairings and no AU, mostly Reid-centred.
Genre: Gen, friendship, hurt/comfort, Missing Scene
All that counts
Missing Scenes for L.D.S.K.
Another way out
Missing Scenes for Sex, Birth, Death
Out of line
Missing Scenes for Elephant's Memory
Not that easy
Missing Scenes for Memoriam
Time will show
Another Missing Scene for Memoriam
Proud of you
Missing Scenes for The Fisher King part 2
Just simply focus
Missing Scenes for Nameless, Faceless

What I've done
Songfiction for Jones

Moments in Time
A series of episode-based or related
non-chronically stand-alone one-shots in no particular order. Title pretty much says it all, they're just little character moments from the episodes. No pairings and no AU. Details are in the chapters. I'm gonna add new chapters on a non-regular basis when I finished one.
Genre: Gen, friendship, hurt/comfort, Missing Scene

Criminal minds/ numb3rs
A crossover with numb3rs.
The Minds Intent
A crossover with Criminal Intent.

Beauty and the Beasts
Aaron Hotchner loses loved ones, and soon realizes how hard it is to deal with someone who lost everyone she loved.
- No girlfriend drama, here. Sorry :)
- Also Uncompleted. Will let you know when it is done

Title: September
Rating: G
Characters: A. Hotchner
Summary: He thinks about Grace Harrison and her pretty hair, and wonders what she’d say about him now.
5.01 Character Study, Hotch-centric.
Warnings: Mild violence, major character death.

Hoston at the weekend
Everyone needs somebody......a Hotch's not finished yet!!

ONESHOT-ish. Death changes everything-especially amends. And when you're apart of the BAU, you have a lot of amends to make. Pleaz R&R! ***Warning: Character Death!

Healing touch
Christmas 2009 fic. The team celebrates Christmas weeks after Haley's funeral. Mainly Aaron, Jack and Emily. (It was my first try and I am so pleased at how well it turned out and all the great reviews I got!)
Come home with me
(prompted by the thread 'what does Reid's house look like and what does he do after work)
What was i thinking?
A collection of short stories centered aorund Reid. In imitation of the vampire act.

Midnight Confessions
FRAO /// Spoilers for Profiler, Profiled ///
Mentions of child abuse. /// Summary: Morgan needs to talk, and Spencer is more than willing to listen.


Speaking In Riddles
A young genius finds love in the most unexpected of places.A Spencer Reid story
Chapter Two: Monday Morning Surprises
Chapter Three: Lecture Mode

Chapter Four: Walking Home

Reid's headaches are getting worse...

My Mother's Keeper
Reid's mother has escaped from Bennington Sanitarium, so he goes to look for her. JJ goes along to help out and for support.

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