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Elle GreenawayPortrayed by: Lola Glaudini

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Special Agent (SA), Profiler

Weapon(s): Glock 19

Reason(s) for Leaving the BAU: Couldn't deal with knowing she shot a man in cold-blood, resulting from the PTSD caused by her encounter with The Fisher King.

Current Status: Alive. Whereabouts unknown.

Vital stats:
Elle was formerly assigned to FBI Field Office in Seattle, Washington;
then requested to be assigned to the BAU. She is an expert in sex crimes. She is half Cuban and speaks Spanish, and she is from Brooklyn, New York. Supposedly she was raped at a young age, if she had stayed on the show longer her story would've been more elaborated on. This is hinted in episodes 1x04: Plain Sight, and episode 2x05: The Aftermath. In The Aftermath, Gideon said to her: "If you think about this job, what you've been through, what you're capable of..." her being a victim explains why she showed so much hatred towards William Lee. After she was shot in the Season 1 finale, she returned to the BAU rather quickly, against the advice of the rest of the team. Not long after, (during episode 2x05: The Aftermath) she was used as bait to lure William Lee, a serial rapist, but she blew her cover before he broke into her home, so they had no right to take a DNA sample. After he was released from custody, she staked him out and shot him in cold-blood. Her ability to continue work as a profiler was questioned by Hotch and Gideon because of this, even though the local police force deemed it self-defense. In episode 2x06: The Boogeyman, Hotch followed her around when she didn't show up for her psych evaluation. He called her cell phone, and seen her throw it in the garbage. She had a bag packed, left her apartment, and went to her father's grave. Her father's name was Robert Greenaway, who died when Elle was 8 years old, in the line of duty as a New York field officer. Hotch walked up to her, and questioned why she decided to take the law into her own hands. She still claimed it was self-defense, and asked him why he thought she was lying. In that same episode, she went to the BAU and turned in her badge and her gun to Hotch, declaring that "This is not an admission of guilt." She then walked out of the BAU and hasn't been seen since (2x06 -The Boogeyman).

Key Episodes:

1x01 "Extreme Aggressor"
1x02 "Compulsion"
1x19 "Machismo"
1x22 "The Fisher King (1)"
2x01 "The Fisher King (2)"
2x05 "Aftermath"
2x06 "The Boogeyman" (Elle's final episode)

Who is Elle? Discuss her character development by season.
Season 1

Episode 1x01 "Extreme Aggressor": Elle was introduced as an agent from the Seattle branch of the FBI. She is aggressive and wants in on the open spot on the BAU Team and talks to Morgan about it, who advises her to follow her instincts. Gideon points out to her that "impatient" is repeated over and over in her file and he tells her to correct it. In the end, she follows her gut and is able to take out the killer.

Episode 1x02 "Compulsion": Elle joins the BAU. Facts about her are revealed when JJ introduces herself to Elle. Elle came from the Seattle field office and had the highest number of solved cases in Seattle for three years running. Her specialty is sexual offender cases.

Episode 1x19 "Machismo": We learn Elle's mother is Cuban and she is fluent in Spanish. She uses her ability to speak Spanish to communicate with the victims of the rapists and murders. She also uses her background with sex crimes to help the victims and the police.

Episode 1x22 "The Fisher King (1)": While on vacation with Morgan, Elle awakens to find that she has been accused of murdering a man, after the police find a trail of blood leading from her room to a murdered/beheaded body. She is questioned by the local authorities and released after the confusion is cleared up. During the investigation for the unsub, Hotch sends Elle home to get some rest with another agent to protect her. The agent leaves Elle home alone and she is shot by the unsub because the team didn't follow the rules. She is left fighting for her life at the end of season 1 and the unsub writes "RULES" on her wall with her own blood.
Season 2 Episode 2x01 "The Fisher King (2)": We learn that Elle's father was a New York City police officer who was killed in the line of duty when she was eight years old. He had nicknamed her "Peanut" when she was a child. Elle fights for her life to recover from her gunshot wound, and succeeds.When Hotch, Reid, and Morgan go into the UnSub's apartment to arrest him, her badge and gun are on his dining room table.

Episode 2x05 "Aftermath": Elle distanced herself emotionally from the team as she struggled with her emotional state after being shot in her own home. She tried to hide her feelings from the team and when Reid tries to talk to her, and she describes how the UnSub reached inside her wound and wrote on her wall with her blood. She told him sometimes she still felt him inside her. Elle goes undercover to draw out the UnSub but blows her cover before they are able to nail the UnSub. Upset that they weren't able to hold the UnSub, Elle took matters into her own hands and confronted the UnSub in the dark, outside his own home. She shot and killed him and claimed it was self-defense, that the UnSub had drawn his gun on her (which he did not). She was traumatized by her own fear after what happened to her in 1x22.

Episode 2x06 "The Boogeyman": Elle undergoes an FBI internal investigation of her shooting of William Lee (2x05). She is cleared of any wrongdoing but Hotch orders her to undergo a full psychological evaluation. Elle does not show for it and is nowhere to be found. Hotch follows her to her father's gravestone and sees her apologize for killing Lee to his headstone. She shows up in Hotch's office in the end and turns in her badge and gun and resigns, telling him it's not an admission of guilt. This is Elle's last episode.

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