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Relationship Stats

How they met: The two met in 1x02,in JJ's first episode.

How long have they been together:They've never been and official couple but they did go on a date in 1x04.

Scroll down for an under construction episode database of their friendship. Also included are links to relevant fanfiction and fanart and fanvideos of the couple.

Relationship Time line

Season 1
1x02-Compulsion: JJ's first episode.
1x04-Plain Sight: At the beginning of the episode we see Reid celebrating his birthday with the team,Elle and Morgan are teasing Reid about blowing out the candles on his cake when JJ not only calls him Spence but also tells him the candles are "trick candles".When JJ leans forward to cut him a piece of cake Reid tries not to look at her cleavage,and when JJ offers "Spence" a piece of cake for him he tells Gideon she is the only one in the whole world who calls him that and he has grin on his face as he says it.Morgan also says in the background why doesn't JJ feed him.At the end of the episode Gideon gives Reid tickets to a Redskins match,because there JJ's favourite,and practically tells Reid to go for it.So he does.
1x05-Broken Mirror: In the beginning Morgan asks Reid about his Redskins date with JJ went.Reid says it's top secret.(Not denying it was a date).
Season 2
Reid JJ and Tobias from Wiki2x14-"the Big Game: At the start of this episode there is a cute JJ/Reid moment when JJ is walking past Reid and she ruffles his hair and he smiles at her. They are also paired of a lot during this episode.
2x15-Revelations: In this episode we see JJ deal with her guilt at Reid getting abducted and she becomes very emotional when she watches him on tape. There is however one nice scene at the end when Reid is saved and he goes to JJ and hugs her.
No Way Out, Part II: The Evilution of Frank: in this episode JJ tell's Reid that no matter what they do they aren't going to split up this time. this shows us just how shaken JJ was by Reid geting abducted and how much she still blames herself for it.


JJ and Reid
Add links to your favourite fanfiction about the couple in the coloumn opposite. (It would be a good idea to let the authors know first).
The Way it Should be One Shot AU REID/JJ pairing. A tag for what could have happened at the end of Amplification if JJ's baby was Reid's instead of Will.

JJ's Boyfriend JJ's got new boyfriend and Morgan, Emily and Garcia won't leave her alone until they find out who it is.

Holding Henry The first time she saw Reid hold Henry she knew. She knew that it would never work out between her and Will.

The Right Thing Set in Lo-Fi. JJ hated the broken look on Spence's face when she told them she was pregnant. And a year later, she needs to know if he really meant what he said when he told her that he would love her forever.

A kiss and i will surrender Spencer doesnt care what he does anymore. JJ well have to help him.


JJ and Reid

JJ and Reid

JJ and Reid

JJ and Reid

JJ and Reid

JJ and Reid

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