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Full Name: Jennifer Jareau

Played by: AJ Cook

Rank: Supervisory Special Agent (SSA), Media Liaison

Weapon(s): Glock 26

Vital stats: JJ graduated from East Allegheny High School near Pittsburgh, PA, where she was the captain of the varsity soccer team her senior year and earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh. In Season One, she and Reid went on a date to a Washington Redskins game, but nothing has come of it romantically. In Season Two, when she and Reid split up the night of Reid's abduction (2x15), JJ walked into a dark barn and was attacked by several ferocious dogs, which she shot and killed. This had a great effect on her emotionally but has not come up since then. She also ended up shooting Jason Clark Battle - the man who had shot Garcia (3x09) - in the head, subsequently making him the first human she ever had to shoot.

Fun Facts:

  • Is the team's liaison with local FBI branches and police agencies.
  • Her favorite football team is the Washington Redskins.
  • She used to collect butterflies as a child.
  • She is afraid of the woods.
  • She picks the cases that the team goes on.
  • She excels at playing darts.
  • She grew up in or near East Allegheny, Pennsylvania. (In a town "too small for even a bowling alley")
  • She played varsity soccer and was team captain.
  • 2x09 is the first time we saw her draw her gun. 2x15 is the first time that she wore a bulletproof vest.
  • When she picks cases that the team works on, where there are victims around her own age, it affects her emotionally. The cases she doesn't pick also haunt her - she is aware that said cases may continue and more people may die.
  • Is dating William LaMontagne, Jr., a Police Detective from New Orleans. Together they had a baby, Henry, and named Reid and Garcia his godparents.
  • According to the season 2 DVD JJ is a Supervisory Special Agent - A certificate is shown on the special feature entitled "Profilers, Profiled" and on the chapter about JJ the certificate gives her the title of Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer Jareau.
  • Knows how to play Gin, and has beaten Reid on several occasions.
  • Has an Aunt and Nieces.
Key Episodes:
2x07: "North Mammon"
2x15: "Revelations"
2x18: "Jones"
3x09: "Penelope"
3x11: "Birthright"
3x17: "In Heat"
3x18: "The Crossing"
4x07: "Memoriam"
4x24: "Amplification"
5x13: "Risky Business"
6x02: "JJ"

Who is JJ? Discuss her character development by season.

Season 1 1x04 "Plain Sight": Near the end of this episode, Gideon presents Reid with a pair of tickets to a Washington Redskins game, JJ's favorite football team. Upon encouragement, Reid asks JJ to the game and she apparently accepts. This "date" is never again mentioned as of yet. This was mentioned in the next episode by Morgan when he and Reid are walking in a hallway. Reid tells him it's "Top Secret," and we can't really gather much information about the outcome from this.

1x14 "Riding the Lightning": JJ worked with Hotch to get information out of serial killer Jacob Dawes.

Season 2 Although a primary character since Season 1, JJ didn't start getting any solid development until Season Two where more episodes prominently featured her and she received more screen time. These are the episodes that brought new insight into the character of JJ.

2x06 "Boogeyman": She reveals she is afraid of the woods, although we are unsure if this is completely true due to the fact that the story she told was false.

2x07 "North Mammon" : This episode is a strongly JJ-centric episode, as a woman who knew her aunt came to the FBI with a case which she directly presented to JJ. The team then travels to a small town like the one where JJ grew up. She is crucial to solving the case, and also she maintained the peace throughout the investigation. Hotch even congratulates her at the end, and asks her about becoming a profiler, which she politely declines. We also find out that JJ picks the cases that the group takes. JJ gets to say all the quotes in this episode.

2x09 "The Last Word":JJ draws her weapon for the first time (that we see), although she doesn't fire.

2x15 "Revelations" : This episode reveals a more vulnerable JJ as she tries to deal with the aftermath of Reid's kidnapping, and her own encounter with Tobias's man-eating dogs.

2x18 "Jones" : This is another predominately JJ episode. In most of the episode, JJ is seen throughout talking and liasing with the lead on the case William LaMontagne, Jr. They even flirt a bit, and JJ ends up giving him her number. JJ also interrogates a man with Prentiss regarding rape allegations.
Season 3 3x01 "Doubt": JJ is featured somewhat in this episode. She is a big part in talking to the students about the murders. One of then spits on her after the her friend was killed and JJ had told her that they had someone they were questioning.

3x04 "Children of the Dark": At the end of the episode, JJ has a rather close moment with Prentiss when she tells her about the relatives that Carrie (the teenage survivor) went to. She also confides that she believes Prentiss would make a good mother. JJ is also seen in a bulletproof vest in this episode.

3x05 "7 Seconds": This episode dealt with all of the characters in a balanced way. In this episode JJ actually questions the mom about the disappearance of her daughter. She also provides significant emotional support to the parents. When the mom asks JJ if she has kids, JJ replies that she doesn't but, "We see all of them as our own." It says a lot about how she views her work.

3x09 "Penelope": Although the episode is primarily about Garcia, JJ was featured somewhat significantly and even shot the unsub at the BAU office. Garcia apologized to her afterwards saying "I never wanted you to do that," JJ told her that she never blinked and "that's what we do for family." (This is the first person JJ has killed, aside from the dogs in 2x15.)

3x11 "Birthright": This episode focused JJ somewhat prominently. Throughout the episode she seemed withdrawn, and a bit bothered by something. When Hotch pulled her aside, she explained that the job had been getting to her lately. Hotch replied, basically telling her that she deserved to feel that way with everything that she sees (when picking out the cases, etc.) She visibly got over it by the end of the episode.

3x17 "In Heat": When the BAU team arrived in Miami, they found out that Det. William LaMontagne Jr. (from 2x18 "Jones") was there to help with the case and identify the body of his police partner from New Orleans. We then learned that JJ and LaMontagne have been in a relationship since then, with JJ flying out to New Orleans every weekend to come see him. She struggled with the fact of how to act towards him, because she didn't want the team to find out. Yet, in the end after they reconciled (JJ had broken up with Will earlier in the episode), they made out - with after Prentiss told her that they she should go after him. Morgan and Reid walked in on it, and the three of them weren't surprised. They had known all along that JJ and Will had been dating.

3x18 "The Crossing": JJ received a letter from a woman named Keri who is having issues with a stalker, JJ agreed that they should help the woman and told her they would take the case. With Rossi and Hotch away on one case, JJ takes Morgan, Prentiss and Reid to Maryland to help catch her stalker. While there, JJ gets somewhat emotional and is strangely obsessed to solving the case. Morgan, Prentiss and Reid are a bit perplexed by this. At the end of the episode, JJ makes a call that explains everything: she's pregnant.

3x20 "Lo-Fi": Will joins JJ in New York City, after first jetting to Washington then catching a train to NYC. He and JJ (though reluctantly on her part) announce both her pregnancy and potential engagement - according to Will they are 'working out a few kinks'.The discussion following this involves JJ telling him she isn't willing to leave her job (as there are six people dead and the team needs her), and that they both have dangerous jobs and they are both going to be parents.Towards the end of the episode JJ receives a package from Will, enclosed is a letter stating that he is going back to New Orleans later that night, then she pulls out his detective shield from the package. He has quit for her. JJ then asks Hotch if she can be taken out of the field and he tells her to go tell Will what's happening then to go back to the NYPD headquarters. The last scene with JJ involves her and Will kissing goodbye as he helps her into the the SUV and waves her off in front of the hotel.
Season 4 4x07 "Memoriam": JJ goes into labor while teaching Agent Jordan Todd how to be the team's media and law enforcement liaison, during which we see the massive amounts of cases she has to sift through in order to pick the team's cases. She went through fifteen hours of labor and then gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Henry. She asked Garcia and Reid to be the godparents.

4x23 "Roadkill": JJ is a confirmed (on screen) SSA, as evidenced by her new ID badge in the opening BAU scene.

4x24 "Amplification": JJ is heavily affected by the anthrax attacks, as she fears for her young sons life. Also, when she and Garcia are in Garcia's office trying to help Reid as he suffers from anthrax, JJ says to Garcia that she can't think about the case in a way that involves Reid dying, and says determinedly that he will be fine.
Season 5 5x13 "Risky Business": We find out that JJ's sister committed suicide when JJ was just 11 years old. JJ still wears the necklace that her sister gave her.
Season 6 6x02 "JJ": JJ's final episode. Her monologue is what she wrote in her exit interview (Hotch asked her to be honest and in the monologue, she states "A friend of my told me to be honest with you).

6x08 "Lauren": Hotch invites JJ to work the case to find Emily. At the end of the episode, we see Hotch and JJ exchanging looks and talking in private which indicates they are keeping a secret from the team. JJ goes to Paris and gives a Emily passports to differentcountriesand money.

6x24 "Supply and Demand": In the season finale, final scene, JJ is seen waiting in Rossi's office. She decided she isofficiallycoming back to the team!
Season 77x04"Painless": When Prentiss was telling Hotch that she got by in Paris because she spent a lot of time playing online scrabble with 'some girl named Cheeto-breath', and then the camera showed a shot of JJ eating Cheetos.

7x07 "There's No Place Like Home": Will is having trouble adjusting to JJ's return to the BAU. Henry got sick and wasadmitted to the ER; JJ was unable to return to her home right away due to storms. We see her read to her son (which is AJ Cook's son in real life) through the phone.

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