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Season Two
2x01 - The Fisher King (Part Two)
Hotchner: He's delusional. He thinks he's a mythological king.
Gideon: But delusion and this level of organization are almost mutually exclusive.
Reid: It's never night in Las Vegas.
Garcia: Excuse me?
[discussing a Chaucer poem]
Reid: My mom used to read me that. It's widely considered as the first Valentine's poem.
Garcia: Your mom read you Valentine's poems? Hello, therapy
Hotchner: What the hell was that?
Reid: He had a bomb.
Morgan: You didn't think we needed to know that?
Reid: I told you to go downstairs.
Morgan: You didn't say "bomb", you left that part out!
Reid: [talking to Garcia about his mom] Did you know that schizophrenia is genetically passed?
2x02 - P911
Morgan: [to Reid] Come on genius, do something genius-like.
2x03 - The Perfect Storm
Reid: Strange in this case the abused actually became the abuser.
Garcia: Doesn't happen a lot?
Reid: One in eight.
Garcia: You found the one.
Joey Daven: This is my third strike, I am not going down for this [draws a gun]
Morgan: whoa whoa whoa! [draws gun, Gideon sloooowly draws his gun, then the officer shoots Joey Daven]
Officer: I had to do it, he wouldn't put the gun down
2x04 - Psychodrama
Hotchner: Well there's one thing I didn't tell the trainees.
Gideon: What's that?
Hotchner: We don't get paid enough.
Gideon: You got that right
Hotchner: It doesn't make sense, they're children.
Gideon: He's playing out a fantasy.
Hotchner: Yes, but it's his fantasy and it's someone else's children.
Garcia: Uhm, pals, don't be ticked, but I think I might have missed the glaringly obvious; how would you make yourself taller without being a different person entirely or having some weird Chinese surgery?
Hotchner: It took you nine minutes to call 911.
Bank Manager: I was collecting the tapes.
Hotchner: Before you called 911?
Garcia: Hey, I got four bank robberies worth of security footage, what do you want me to do with them?
Hotchner: You know your digital perspect whatever software?
Garcia: Digital Perspective Analysis rendering?
Hotchner: Yeah.
Garcia: Honey not only do I know it, I helped develop it.
Garcia: [after Hotchner asked her to review surveillance footage] Honey, if he opens his mouth I'll tell you the length of his teeth.
Hotchner: Just keep it clean. And don't call me "honey."
Gideon: Ready?
Morgan: Let's go rob a bank.
Gideon: Save one life, we save the world.
2x05 - Aftermath
Morgan: Oh, one last thing. Look up the words "sexy" and "brilliant" in that computer of yours, and tell me what you come up with.
Garcia: Look at that, it's me.
Morgan: You are a goddess, woman. Ciao. [to surrounding fertility clinic patients, most of whom are paying rapt attention] ...It was a work call.
Gideon: Doesn't anybody ever go home?
Elle: You're here.
Gideon: Exactly. Trust me, you don't want to model your social life on mine.
Callahan: I figured you wouldn't be sleeping either.
Gideon: What are you doing here?
Callahan: I took a room on the hall.
Gideon: You live four blocks away.
Callahan: Exactly. Why be separated from the work?
Reid: Hotch is married; Morgan's... you know... Morgan.
Reid: Elle, he's dead. You're-- you're right here. You won.
Elle: [holds up glass] Then here's to winning.
Morgan: I'd like to make a request.
Garcia: With that sultry voice? You name it.
Reid: I thought maybe... you might want to talk.
Elle: Don't go all profiler on me.
Reid: Elle, you got shot in your own home, and then came back to the BAU like nothing even happened. Thinking you might want to talk isn't profiling, it's Psych 101.
2x06 - The Boogeyman
Reid: Garcia, I'm sitting in the dark alone, thanks.
Garcia: While you're waiting for a potential murderer to come home? Kind of dangerous. Kind of sexy.
Garcia: Reid, seriously, people that go inside that house never come out. Spoooky.
Reid: Garcia, could you at least pretend not to enjoy that rumor so much since I have actually entered that house?
Morgan: The only thing I was afraid of was the dark.
Reid: Some of us still are.
JJ: The woods were the only thing I was afraid of when I was a kid.
Morgan: Seriously? I thought you grew up in a small town.
JJ: Yeah... surrounded by woods.
Reid: Did you guys hear that Elle was cleared?
Morgan: Self-defense.
Reid: So it was a good shoot?
JJ: Well, she hit what she was aiming for.
Reid: That's not what I meant.
JJ: I know.
Gideon: Why'd you hurt those kids?
Jeffrey: Because I wanted to.
Morgan: [about Elle] She almost died. I'd be drinking, too.
Morgan: [while in Finnegan's house looking at hunting trophies] When this is all said and done, I'd like to hang his head on my wall.
Morgan: [after Morgan and Reid learn the story JJ told them wasn't true] JJ, that was pretty good. Just know that paybacks are a *****.
JJ: I'm shakin'.
Morgan: Yeah Reid, why are you still afraid of the dark?
Reid: Because of the inherent absence of light!
Gideon: Unopened bowls of creamed spinach thrown into the trash, each one wrapped with duct tape.
Reid: One with each tray.
Morgan: So we're looking for a guy who really, really, hates spinach.
Reid: Who doesn't?
Elle: I really wanted to be a part of the team.
Hotchner: You were.
Elle: But when I needed the team, I was all alone. I was alone in the one place that I have the right to feel safe, and that's my home.
Elle: You know, when I first joined the team, I couldn't figure out why you never, ever smile. Now I think I'm actually gonna miss that.
Hotchner: [after Elle has walked away] I'm gonna miss you too.
2x07 - North Mammon
Chief Yates: Listen, these people...they're my friends. They're my neighbors, good people. I don't want anybody assuming that they're involved.
Hotchner: We just got here. We're not assuming anything.
Hotchner: I thought everybody wanted to become a profiler.
JJ: Sorry.
Garcia: He who seeks the "Queen of All Knowledge," speak and be recognized.
Reid: Garcia, we're sending you some cigarettes.
Garcia: Why not a flesh-eating virus? It'll be faster and far less painful.
Reid: We need some butts rushed to the lab for DNA analysis.
Garcia: Reid... I love it when you say 'butts.'
2x08 - Empty Planet
Garcia: Je suis toujours ici pour toi, mon cher.
Morgan: Drives me crazy when you talk that "voulez coucher" stuff to me. [teasing] Stop it.
JJ: [while playing gin] Oh I'm beating you, genius.
Reid: Genius Doctor Reid let you win.
Ursula Kent: [reading the bomber's manifesto] Aside from the sections of my novel that were blatantly plagiarized, I didn't recognize anything. It's just page after page of the ravings of a lunatic.
Morgan: Hey dollface, ready to work some magic for me?
Garcia: Challenge me, you beautiful behavioral analyst
Reid: [Referring to the bomber's phone call warning of an attack "where it all began"] So Seattle's "where it all began."
Morgan: We just need to figure out what "it" is, and off the top of my head I can think of grunge music and overpriced coffee.
Dr. Cooke: A cognitive scientist at MIT once said, "Coincidences seem to be the source for some of our greatest irrationalities."
Reid: Our minds see coincidences and seek out-
Gideon: I understood him.
Reid: I need to stop by a bookstore and pick up a copy of Empty Planet. I'd like to reread it before we talk to the author... I haven't read it since I was six.
Morgan: Six? I was still riding my Big Wheeler at six years old.
Reid: Do you mind? It will only take ten minutes.
Gideon: To buy it or to read it?
Reid: Uh... both, actually
Garcia:...A guy went crazy on a bunch of computers at a science lab, screaming, "We will soon be the slaves and the machines will be the masters."
Garcia: [Looking around at her many computers] Yikes. That would totally suck for me. [Whisper] I'm surrounded in here.
Morgan: Come on, what are you worried about? You've got me to protect you.
Garcia: Hah! Now that gets my blood up.
2x09 - The Last Word
2x10 - Lessons Learned
Reid: Yet the words 'holy' and 'war' never appear together in the Qu'ran.
Gideon: We receive comfort from our prayers.
Jind Allah: We?
Gideon: Human beings. [pause] I say something wrong?
Jind Allah: You placed us on the same level.
Gideon: Aren't we?
Jind Allah: Well, here, I am thought of as less than human.
Gideon: And in your jihad, I am.
Jind Allah: Who is your worst enemy, Agent Gideon?
Gideon: It's not a who, it's a what. Ignorance.
Agent Bingaman: Two weeks ago, word got out that one of the other detainees was spilling secrets. Jind Allah managed to have a three-minute conversation with him in the shower line. That night, the other detainee committed suicide.
Reid: I was winning!
Prentiss: Actually, he would have had you in three.
Gideon: (moves a chess piece) Mate.
Reid: I quit. Yield, surrender, capitulate. I'm gonna take a nap.
Gideon: Prentiss?
: Sir?
Gideon: You play?
Prentiss: Yes sir, I play.
2x11 - Sex, Birth, Death
Gideon: This last victim definitely had a message. You don't dump a body across from the Capitol Building by accident.
Reid: I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind.
Reid: There's nothing in the juvenile records.
Garcia: Okay, so think like a high school student.
Reid: I was 12 and hadn't gone though puberty yet when I was in high school.
Garcia: Okay, reset. I'll think like a high school student, you think like a profiler.
Reid: You're not him. Who we are is constantly evolving. I'm a lot older than you and I'm changing. This job changes me... you changed me.
Reid: [Regarding saving Nathan's life] How many people's lives did I risk in the future?
Gideon: Profiles can be wrong.
Reid: What if it's not? What if next time he kills somebody?
Gideon: Then you catch him.
2x12 - Profiler, Profiled
JJ: Nothing's happening.
Reid: Shhh watch [the rocket launches, JJ and Garcia scream, and it hits Emily in the head]
Emily: Ooh ow, what was that?
Reid: Oh, I am so sorry Emily!
Garcia: Don't you recognize a rocket when you see one?
Reid: I was merely demonstrating a physics law. I didn't mean to..
Emily: Oh show me!
Reid: Turn around.
Emily: Turn around?
Reid: A magician never reveals his secrets.
Emily: I thought you said this was physics?
Garcia: He wont show us either. Trust me, it will do you no good to argue with him.
(rocket launches and lands in front of Hotch)
Hotchner: Physics magic?
Reid: Yes, sir.
Hotchner: Reid, we talked about this.
Reid: I'm sorry, sir.
Hotchner: [smiling] You're really starting to get some distance on these things.
Hotchner: We can't have people on this team who have secrets.
Gideon: Hotch, we all have secrets. Would you want us profiling you?
Reid: "One begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." It's one of Sherlock Holmes' favourite quotes
After Det.Gordinski calls Derek by his first name
Derek: Call me Agent Morgan
Det. Gordinski: You'll always be Derek to me
Morgan: And you'll always be a racist son-of-a-***** to me
Garcia: Did you know he was a star football player?
JJ: Surprisingly, I don't know much about him at all.
Garcia: Quarterback...that's the guy who throws the ball, right?
JJ: Yes.
Garcia: (smiles) That's what he was.
Det. Gordinski: Did you get any sleep?
: You know I didn't.
Det. Gordinski: I slept like a baby myself. Didn't want to get out of bed.
Morgan: Really? So that wasn't your donut-eatin' ass on the other side of the glass all night then?
JJ: [to Garcia, regarding Morgan's sealed criminal record] Unseal it.
Garcia: [in a somewhat desperate voice] But its a SEALED file.
JJ: Garcia, we're helping him.
Garcia: Right. HELPING him. HELPING him...
Carl Buford: [to Morgan] I never hurt you. You could have said no.
Morgan: I KNEW I should've told sombody about you when I was a kid! God, I was so afraid of you. I was afraid of the cops, what people would say. I was afraid of losing everything I was gaining.
Morgan: One kid steps up and breaks the dam, just one, and then another one, and another one, because they're not afraid of you anymore.
Morgan: I'm the KIND that has to spend the rest of this life making sure guys like YOU go down!
Morgan: The only body I'd seen before that was my father, and I was 10.
Morgan: I felt responsible for him, I mean I was the one who found him, right?
Morgan: And you feel like you have to do everything you can for him because hes the closest thing you have to a father.
Morgan: [looking outside the oneway mirror] I can wait as long as you guys can!
Carl Buford: (as being arested) Wait, wait. Derek isn't there something you can do for me?
Morgan: You go to hell.
2x13 - No Way Out (Part One)
Hotchner: [introducing the team to the sheriff] Aaron Hotchner. This is Derek Morgan and the guy who sometimes forgets his manners is Jason Gideon.
Garcia: What are you doing?
JJ: I'm mapping out where all the victims were found, starting with Gideon's first case file.
[JJ jabs a pushpin to the map]
Garcia: Ow! Stabby!
Frank: [to Derek] If I had your looks, do you know how much easier my life would be?
Frank: Jason... from Greek mythology... to heal. Gideon... a hero from the Old Testament who led the Israelites against the Midianites. Your parents had great ambitions for you. I'm Frank… Germanic… third century. Derived from the name of a type of spear. I wonder what aspirations my parents had for me.
Mark Davis: But that man... he also killed the school bus driver.
Sheriff Georgia Davis: How? We had the whole town shut down. There was no way out.
Frank: [to Gideon and Morgan] But you know what's an even more interesting question? What the psychopath's got in the bag, Jason.
Frank: [to Morgan] Beauty can cover a multitude of sins, but underneath we all look exactly the same.
Frank: Do you think me insane?
Gideon: Do not play me. You know exactly what you are. A psychopathic sexual sadist. You get off on the brutal torture of others.
Morgan: And you knew the moment we arrived in this town, you had no way out.
Prentiss: All of these killings… the work of just one man?
Gideon: Most prolific serial killer ever.
Frank: My hope is that one day you'll feel the way I do too.
Gideon: If I ever find myself feeling the way you do, I'll kill myself.
Frank: Call me first. I'd love to pick your brains.
Frank: Here's a better question. Whats the psychopath got in the bag?
Sheriff Georgia Davis: [discussing Jane's story of captivity] What about the fact that she could see herself?
Gideon: A mirrored ceiling.
Sheriff Georgia Davis: So his victims could see themselves being dismembered. … Every time I think it can't get any worse, it does.
Gideon: [to Frank] I thought I'd seen the very worst of what humanity had to offer, 'til you.
Reid: A psycho with a whistle. That's not too weird.
Garcia: [looking at photos of convicts with prison tattoos] Oh, this is SO not a way to a girl's heart!
Gideon: Did you kill the children, too?
Frank: You've been profiling me for a long time, Jason. You know that I don't kill kids. It does nothing for me.
2x14 - The Big Game
Prentiss: [watching Morgan dance between two women] Hey, Morgan, be careful. The one in the back could steal your wallet!
Morgan: That's all right; I'll be a broke, happy man!
Reid: Referring to oneself in the third person is common for an unsub. Ted Bundy gave detailed accounts of the murders, but he never admitted doing them, he'd just say, "the killer."
Tobias: (about the compliments of his murder video) This is a warning, not a show. What's wrong with you people?
Morgan: The unsubs are right about one thing. The world is pretty screwed up.
Reid: You seem unhappy.
Gideon: I am unhappy. I'm tired of people using religion... to justify the terrible things they do.
Reid: You can't scream with your throat cut.
Reid: (at Tobias's door) May we come in?
Tobias: I´m sorry. I don´t let anyone in the house.
Reid: Actually, I really have to, you know, go.
JJ: You do?
Reid: Yeah, for thirty minutes.
JJ: Why didn´t you say something in the car?

Reid: (To JJ at Tobias's house) JJ that's him he's the unsub, he's in the barn, come on!
(JJ and Reid run to the barn. Reid takes his gun out)
JJ: You sure?
Reid: Have you ever seen me pull this thing out when I wasn't?

Prentiss: (to Morgan) Besides is it really that hard to get your groove "thang" on again?
Gideon: Only when he's sleeping.

Garcia: I'm going to the loo. Don't let anyone steal my seat!
Prentiss: I'll guard it with my life.

2x15 - Revelations
Reid: If you tell me where we are, I can tell my friends, and they'll save us.
Tobias: We can't be saved.
JJ: [about Reid being kidnapped] I keep thinking the one thing we need to crack this case is, well, Reid.
Hotchner: Think of this house as a witness. If it could talk, what would it tell us?
Garcia: My guess is, it would tell us to get the hell out.
Tobias: They're gone.
Reid: Who are they?
Tobias: It's just me now.
Reid: Who, who are you?
Tobias: I'm Raphael.
Reid: You don't have to do this.
Tobias:[as Raphael] I'm just an instrument of God.
Morgan: [Regarding Hankle hurting Reid] I want this guy's head on a stick
Reid: The Lord spake unto Moses saying 'speak unto all of the congregation of The Children of the Lord and say unto them, you shall be holy for I the Lord your God am holy.'
Tobias: You know Leviticus?
Reid: Every word of the Bible. I can recite it.
Tobias: The Devil knows how to read too.
Reid: I'm not a Devil. I'm not a Devil, I'm a man, my name is Spencer Reid. I have a mother and I have a father just like you and they taught me the Bible. Let me, let me just recite the Bible.
Tobias: It's time to confess, Spencer Reid [hits Reid's foot repeatedly with log]
Hotchner: [desperately] We're not getting any closer.
Gideon: Reid's brilliant. He'll figure out a way to survive.
Hotchner: You know I always take advantage of Reid for his brain, but I never actually teach him how to deal with things emotionally.
Gideon: You lead by example.
Hotchner: What kind of example is that?
Gideon: [softly] He'll make it.
Tobias: [after Reid shot him, regarding his second personality] You killed him.
Reid: [sorrowfully] Tobias.
Tobias: I get to see my mom again.
Reid: I'm sorry.
Hotch: [gently] Reid, you alright?
Reid: [while hugging Hotch] I knew you'd understand. [Reid turns and hugs JJ]
JJ: I am so sorry.
Reid: It's alright, it wasn't your fault.

Tobias: You came back from the the dead. There can only be two reasons for that
Reid: I was given CPR

Hotch: Alright everyone, what's my worst quality?
(Everyone went silent)
Hotch: Okay I'll start... I have no sense of humor.
JJ: Your a bully.
Hotch: I'm a bully. What else?
Morgan: You can be a drill sergeant sometimes.
Prentiss: You don't trust women as much as men.
Hotch: Alright, I'm all those things, but no one said I put myself above the team because I don't... EVER!
2x16 - Fear and Loathing
Morgan: [to Reid] You all right?
[Reid fell asleep. Morgan didn't know.]
Morgan: Reid.
Reid: Hmm?
Morgan: I said, are you all right?
Reid: I'm fine. [glances behind him] Thanks for broadcasting it.
Reid: Its the crime scene photos.
Morgan: Crime scene photos?
Reid: The dead girls in the leaves.
Morgan: Reid, we've seen worse.
Reid: I know, I know we've seen worse but for the first time I know, I look at them and, I look at them and I know what they were thinking what they were feeling like right before...
2x17 - Distress
Garcia: Are you lonely in the Lone Star state? And are you wearing chaps?
Morgan: Only in your dreams, Garcia
Garcia: Oh, not necessarily. I have photoshop.
JJ: How do we find a man who's trapped inside his head?
Hotchner: He's reliving the worst moment of his life, he's got to be terrified.
Reid: Yeah.
Hotchner: [construction work in the background] What's that?
JJ: [with mouth full] One of the detectives' wives made us cookies.
Emily: Wow, homemade cookies!?
JJ: Yeah I guess that's what they mean by 'southern hospitality'.
Reid: What are you saying?
Emily: 'Southern Hospitality'.
Reid: [runs over to window and shuts it] How can anyone hear with all this work going on?!
2x18 - Jones
Garcia: What was the thing that Jack the Ripper took from one of his victims, besides, well, you know, her life?
Emily: Oh, uh...
Garcia: Mmm. Tick, tock, tick, tock.
Emily: ......... I don't know.
Garcia: A kidney. How horrifingly fantastic is that?
Emily: Mmhmm, and are you going anywhere with this?
Garcia: Just that I found an unsolved murder that happened four months ago in Galveston, Texas, with the same MO - the victim missing that very organ. I amaze myself.
Emily: Yeah, me too. Great work.
Ethan: My music makes me happy. It doesn't take a profiler to see that you're not.
Reid: It's not easy. And it's not - I ... don't think you'd believe some of the things that I've seen.
Ethan: John Coltrane. He was a genius too. Died of cancer. But most people think it was the booze and the heroin that did him in.
Reid: What are you trying to say?
Ethan: You look like hell.
Reid: I'm fine...
Ethan: Come on man, I'm a jazz musician in New Orleans, I know what it looks like when someone's not well. It's maybe the one time I can tell you something you don't already know. [points at Reid's drink] It may make you forget, but it won't make it go away. And if I can tell... You're surrounded by some of the best minds in the world. If you think they don't notice, well... For a genius, that's just dumb.
JJ: You're the best ever.
Garcia: Awww... And you're the most perceptive!
Reid: I missed that plane on purpose.
Gideon: I know.
Reid: I'm struggling.
Gideon: Well... anybody who's been through what you've been through recently... would.
Reid: This is all I was groomed for. I never even ... I never even considered another option.
Gideon: Now you're questioning whether or not you're strong enough to be here?
Reid: Yeah.
Gideon: I have been playing at this job in one way or another for almost 30 years. I've felt lost. I've felt great. I have felt scared, sick, and insane. I don't know, I guess the day this job stops gnawing at your soul... and your hands, your hands stop feeling cold, maybe that's the time to leave.
Reid: I guess I just needed to figure out if I could step away from this job.
Gideon: And?
Reid: I'll never miss another plane again.
2x19 - Ashes and Dust
Garcia: Brace yourselves. I'm going to teach you the meaning of L.U.S.T.
Gideon: Did she say lust?
Garcia: I cross-referenced every known fact on the victims and I just found a website that links both Dennis Cutler and Mathew Jarvis' companies on a list of businesses guilty of L.U.S.T.
Hotchner: I'm missing something.
Garcia: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks.
Gideon: When he arrives, bring the fake bodies right past us nice and slow. I want him to get a good look.
Lt. Vega: Remind me never to play poker with you guys.
(JJ introduces Reid to Det. Castro as he clumsily drops everything he’s carrying.)
Det. Castro: A genius you said?
JJ: Yeah, uh, his coordination drops off when he’s thinking.
Prentiss: All those people, no booze or music. That's either a very lame going away party, or an EDF meeting.
2x20 - Honour Among Thieves
Reid: These tattoos are like books on their skin. It tells their whole life story.
Natalya: I am just like my mother. When she is upset, she cooks.
Arseny Lysowsky: [to Gideon and Reid] Would you like something to eat? This borscht is exquisite, it is my mother’s old country recipe.
Reid: Didn’t you forsake all your relatives when you swore the Thieves' Code?
Arseny Lysowsky: I didn’t forsake her recipes.
Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss: How are you enjoying your assignment to the BAU?
Prentiss: Well, enjoying is an odd description.
Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss: Is it?
Prentiss: We deal with some pretty horrible things.
Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss: I thought that was where you wanted to be.
Prentiss: It is.
Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss: Then you do enjoy it.
Anton Gorban: I mind my own business.
Gideon: You've been watching us since we got here.
Garcia: [answering phone] Your friendly neighborhood Oracle of all things knowable and unknowable at your service.
Garcia: [regarding Lysowsky] He served 23 years in four remote prisons at Perm, that is a remote region of the Northern Ural Mountains, for those of you playing the home game.
Morgan: How could I have not seen this?
Reid: How could any of us, man?
Reid: They didn't wait?
Gideon: They cut off his ear. They increased the ransom and left a note.
Reid: How much money do they think they have?
SSA Josh Kramer: [to Gideon regarding the lack of statement from the victims] Cause we're dealing with criminals.
Reid: Obviously.
SSA Josh Kramer: Not just the kidnappers, genius.
2x21 - Open Season
Prentiss: [in a bar, acting very excited] Ladies, this is Brad – a real FBI agent!
JJ: Really? No way!
Garcia: That's exciting! What's it like at Quan-ti-co?
JJ: Must be tough keeping all those secrets.
Brad: It’s a skill, like anything else. Carpenters are good at building stuff, measuring. The FBI’s good at keeping secrets and kicking criminal ass.
Prentiss: Can we see it?
Brad: See what?
Prentiss: Your badge.
Garcia: Please?
Brad: I'm sorry, that's classified.
Prentiss: [she holds up her badge] Tell me Brad, does it look anything like this?
JJ: [hold up hers] Or this?
Garcia: [holds up hers] Or maybe, this?
[Brad hurries away]
Prentiss, JJ and Garcia laugh.

JJ: "Kicking criminal ass. Tough job."
2x22 - Legacy
Morgan: [to Mona, a homeless woman] Be careful, you hear me? This world needs all of its beautiful ladies, and that means you, too, momma.
[Mona smiles and walks away]
Emily: You’re a good guy.
Morgan: Ya think?
Emily: Yeah, you make the people around you feel good.
Hotchner: You have Chaplin on film?
Gideon: My great-grandad was an accountant at one of the first movie studios.
Hotchner: He was in California?
Gideon: No no no, Chicago. Essanay Studios closed, 1920. Back then four out of five movies made in the U.S. were made in Chicago. They closed down, they let my grandpa take, ehh, a couple of extra prints home.
Hotchner: [amused] They let him?
Gideon: [laughing] Well, that’s the family story... we’re sticking to it.
Reid: You see, the word "coincidence" implies more...
Morgan: Hey! Hey, kid. We do not need a vocabulary lesson right now.
Reid: Right. Sorry.
2x23 - No Way Out (2): The Evilution of Frank
JJ: [to Reid] No matter what happens this time, we don't split up, clear?
Reid: Crystal clear!
Erin Strauss: I believe you're no longer effective in your post.
Hotchner: The modern furniture, strategically placed magazines, the framed diplomas, the art in the wall...they're all in conflict with your family photos. You have three children, but you favor the middle one, your son.
Erin Strauss: What do you think you're do--.?
Hotchner (interrupts): Of course, you love all your children, but not like your son.
Erin Strauss: That's enough!
Hotchner: The bonsai you obsessively nurture is to compensate for feelings of failure as a mother.
Erin Strauss: Agent Hotchner! I said that's enough!! My position is not in question here. As your superior, I am questioning your ability to lead your team.
Hotch: My team? Let me tell you about my team: Agent Morgan fought to protect his identity from the very people who could save him. Why? Because trust has to be earned, and there are very few people he truly trusts. Reid's intellect is a shield which protects him from his emotions, and at the moment his shield is under repair. Prentiss over-compensates because she doesn't yet feel she's a part of the team; she need not worry. Everyday Agent Jareau fields dozens of requests for our team, and every night she goes home hoping she has made the right choices. Garcia fills her office with figurines and color, to remind herself to smile as the horror fills her screens... And Agent Gideon in many ways is damned by his profound knowledge of others, which is why he shares so little of himself, yet he pours his heart into every case we handle. I stand by my actions, and I stand by my team, and if you think that you can find a better person for the job, then good luck.
Hotch: Frank.
Frank: Agent Hotchner. We haven't had the pleasure of a formal meeting.

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