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“Oh there he is again seems your lover boy has come back for more” My friend Casey said as she elbowed me in the ribs. “Shut Up” I responded as I snuck a peek in the direction in which she nodded her head. Sure enough there he was.

He sat in his usual place in the corner of the little diner I worked at, facing the window his back towards the counter. Spencer that was his name and about all I knew about him other than he came in here every day for coffee. “Well go on get his order” my sneaky friend said even though it was her turn to serve a customer. I started to argue but one glance told me it was hopeless “fiiine…” I grumbled and made my way over to where he sat reading a newspaper.
I straightened my apron as I walked and prepared m best waitress voice and smile “Ah, nerd love” was the only comment the other waitress Kelly offered up when she saw the direction I was walking in and I resisted the urge to go back and smack her.

“Hi my name is Kate can I take your order?” I said smiling and pretending my interest in him was merely that of serving any other customer. He glanced up sharply as I had startled him and I started to apologize but he would have nothing of it. With a quiet smile he assured me it was fine and gave me his order. I smiled and caught my breath as he looked at me, his bright brown eyes seemed equal parts intense inquisitiveness and for off wanderlust, and it was hard for me to look away.

When I got back to the counter I promptly relayed his order and to the disappointment of my friends went about my duties after I told them I hadn’t talked to him further. I mean this guy just started coming here like a month ago and I think he’s incredibly cute and he seems incredibly interesting but I’m not about to randomly start up a conversation with him. Plus I don’t think he’d respond well to that, he seems really shy.
“You should talk to him!” Kelly insisted saying that if I didn’t id forever live with the “what if” doubt in my mind. “We aren’t supposed to chat up customers” I remarked under my breath as I reached for the cup of steaming liquid she handed me. She countered by stating that that was a non rule since the owner Patti happened to do that all the time. I tried to control my frustration at my over eager friend and reminded her I wasn’t Patti and she just rolled her eyes at me.

After taking him his order and receiving a whispered thank you and a barely there nod I went off to clean the tables I had missed and then took a seat at the counter. Staring dreamily in his direction as the other two girls talked and finished off their respective duties I started to drift off. Thankfully I wasn’t completely asleep and responded fairly quickly to his clearing his throat loudly in front of me.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry! Did you need anything?” I asked hurriedly as I blushed three different shades of crimson. He smiled and I couldn’t help doing the same “umm nope juts uh the check please?” he said slowly as if caught off guard by my smiling back. As he payed I apologized again for my slight loss of consciousness. “Don’t worry it’s a late night” he responded with a drawn out sigh and I nodded while telling him he was lucky he could just leave unlike me who had half an hour to go on my shift. He nodded noncommittally and waved as he walked out the door into the night.

“What was that?” Casey asked as she and Kelly walked back towards the counter from the back. I diligently recounted what had just happened “he seems kind of cold to me” was all Kelly said. I shrugged trying to stifle a yawn. “Oh God you’re really out of it just go home we can manage here” she said gesturing to the nearly empty place. Except for my recent customer there was no one in the little dinner but a couple sitting in a booth not to far away from us.

“What time do you have class anyway?” she asked and I checked my watch. Grimacing I realized I had less than four hours to sleep. She shooed me out as fast as she could and even got our cook Danny to walk me home. I lived a mere six blocks away and I was thankfully home in 20 minutes and drifting to sleep with images of “Spencer” within 25.

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