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Played by:
Matthew Gray Gubler

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Rank: Supervisory Special Agent (SSA), Profiler

Weapon(s): Glock 17 (1x01 - 4x01), silver .38 Smith & Wesson model 65 3' revolver (4x02 - current)
Vehicle: 1965 (or 1966) horizon blue Volvo Amazon P130 122S with DC license plate WGS654 (3x02).
Birthplace:Las Vegas, Nevada
Current Residence:District of Columbia -- possibly in or near Van Ness (6x16)

Vitals: Reid is a genius who graduated from a public high school at age twelve and went to Cal Tech (with Yale as his safety school) at thirteen. It was stated in episode 7x04 "Painless" that at some point Reid has also graduated from MIT, and although the writer of the episode (Breen Frazer) acknowledged in a twitter chat this was a mistake, it has not been corrected onscreen and is therefore still canon. Reid earned three doctorates in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering before the age of twenty one. He obtained his first doctorate (in Mathematics) at the age of 17. In addition he holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology and is currently working on another degree in Philosophy (4x08 "Masterpiece"). He has an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute. Even with all of his knowledge though, Reid can't use chopsticks. It has also been stated that while in high school he suffered severe bullying at the hands of his classmates, including an incident when he was tricked into going to meet a girl he liked behind the school field house, where the entire football team was waiting for him. They stripped him naked and tied him to a goal post. When he freed himself (around midnight) he ran home to find his mother, Diana, having a schizophrenic episode. He was humiliated and said nothing until he told Morgan (3x16 "Elephant's Memory"). In his youth, his father left him and his mother, saying that he could no longer deal with the paranoid schizophrenia of Reid's mother, Diana when in reality he couldn't bear the stress of what his mother had witnessed. Reid grew up learning nearly everything he knows from books, with his mother often reading to him. Still, Reid knew the way his mother was living wasn't healthy. When he was eighteen, he had his mother placed in a mental institution, Bennington Sanitarium. She is still there, and Reid has stated that although he sends letters every day hoping to make up for not visiting her more often, he is afraid to visit her up until season four when we see him visit her to learn about his father. Reid is also worried about the fact that his mother's illness can be passed on genetically (He told Garcia); he once told Morgan that "I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind" (2x11 Sex, Birth, Death). He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and is very adept at all card games; and due to practicing magic in between college courses, he has a sleight of hand and make small items quickly appear and disappear.

Spencer Reid was the youngest member of the B.A.U., having joined at age 22 (4x07). He has had to shoot four UnSubs-- killing three-- during his assignment to the BAU. He has also been held hostage, drugged, and tortured at the hands of an UnSub with Dissociative Identity Disorder(2x15 "Revelations"). It is made clear that most of the team are aware of Reid's drug addiction problem that he developed from the forcible drugging during captivity, but he seems to have improved over the following episodes, and he apparently has been clean for ten months at the end of season three ("Elephant's Memory"). In season 4, Reid is investigating the 1984 slaying of a boy, Riley Jenkins. Morgan says "My math says you'd be around four at the time." Currently putting Reid in season six at around 29 or 30. Some members of the team have also alluded to him having a possible crush on Seaver, in episode 6.10 her first appearance Garcia said "oh my gosh you totally think she's pretty!" Reid denies this, and there hasn't been any further discussion about it, but they do seem to have become friends. (The Stranger) And he says that his favorite part in a horror movie is when the innocent person comes home, alone, "Is there someone there in the shadows?". He is afraid of the dark because of the "inherant abscence of light". He often drinks coffee with huge amounts of sugar. In season one, episode 6, L.D.S.K he fails his shooting qualifications. Morgan gives him a whistle on a string and tells him if he needs anything to blow. At the end of the episode he shoots an unsub who is holding him, Hotch and an A&E department hostage right in the middle of the forehead. Hotch tells him as far as he is concerned he is qualified to have a gun. Reid then returns the whistle to Morgan.

Key episodes:

1x01 "Extreme Aggressor"
1x02 "Compulsion"
1x04 "Plain Sight"
1x06 "L.D.S.K."
1x09 "Derailed"
1x10 "The Popular Kids"
1x17 "A Real Rain"
1x18 "Somebody's Watching"
1x22 "The Fisher King (Part 1)"

2x01 "The Fisher King (Part 2)"
2x06 "The Boogeyman"
2x11 "Sex, Birth, Death"
2x14 "The Big Game"
2x15 "Revelations"
2x16 "Fear and Loathing"
2x17 "Distress"
2x18 "Jones"
2x19 "Ashes and Dust"

3x12 "3rd Life"
3x14 "Damaged"
3x15 "A Higher Power"
3x16 "Elephant's Memory"
3x19 "Tabula Rasa"

4x03 "Minimal Loss"
4x06 "The Instincts"
4x07 "Memoriam"
4x08 "Masterpiece"
4x09 "52 Pickup"
4x20 "Conflicted"
4x24 "Amplification"

5x01 "Nameless, Faceless"
5x03 "Reckoner"
5x12 "The Uncanny Valley"

6x09 "Into the Woods"
6x12 "Corazón"
6x13 "The Thirteenth Step"
6x16 "Coda"
6x18 "Lauren"
6x19 "With Friends Like These..."
6x21 "The Stranger"

7x01 "It Takes a Village"
7x02 "Proof"
7x04 "Painless"
7x06 "Epilogue"
7x11 "True Genius"

8x12 "Zugzwang"
8x13 "Magnum Opus"
8x20 "Alchemy"

9x17 "Persuasion"
9x23 "Angels"
9x24 "Demons"

Who is Reid? Discuss his character development by season.

Season 1

Episode 1x01, "Extreme Aggressor," Spencer Reid is introduced as the youngest member of the BAU. He has a student/mentor relationship with Agent Gideon, his former boss who has taken a leave of absence from the BAU.

Episode 1x02, "Compulsion," Gideon challenges Reid to "think outside the box" on their current case, which involves a series of fires on college campus. Reid is the one who figures out that the unsub isn't obsessed with fire - he (she as it turns out) is obsessive compulsive. She must always do things in a pattern of threes - revealed when Reid notices that she turned the doorknob three times as she set a room on fire.

Episode 1x04, "Plain Sight," Reid is ambushed with an office party to celebrate his 24th birthday. The younger members of the team tease him, with JJ coming to his rescue. Reid gleefully informs Gideon that she is the only person in the world who calls him "Spence", hinting at a possible crush on his part. Later, Gideon gives Reid tickets to a Redskins game, JJ's favourite team. At Gideon's prompting, Reid nervously asks JJ to the game and in the next episode when Morgan and Reid are walking in a hallway and Morgan asks him about it he uses the response "Top Secret". Aside from that, the date is never talked about again.

Episode 1x06, "L.D.S.K.," We learn that Reid has failed his gun qualification, which makes him feel like less of a serious team member. He seeks Hotch's help in learning how to shoot properly. Reid later confides in Gideon that without the gun he feels more like a "teacher's assistant" than an FBI agent. Reid and Hotch then become involved in a hostage situation, held at gunpoint by UnSub Philip Dowd. Hotch pretends to blame Reid for it, tauntingly calling him "boy genius" and asking Dowd's permission to "kick the snot out of" Reid. Hotch kicks him repeatedly, allowing Reid to grab his gun from his ankle holster and shoot Dowd in the head, killing him (though we find out later Reid was aiming for his leg). We learn that Reid has been with the BAU for 3 years, and that he attended a Las Vegas public high school at the age of 12.

Episode 1x07, "The Fox," Gideon sends Reid on his first solo interview with a suspect. Reid is nervous and the suspect gets upset and goes for Reid, but they restrain him as Reid speaks about the man's past. The man had been physically abused by his biological parents and sexually abused by his next home and Reid asks him if he continued the behavior with his own children.

Episode 1x09, "Derailed," Reid enters a train being held hostage by a paranoid schizophrenic, Theodore Bryar, who believes that all of the passengers (including Elle) are FBI agents assigned to follow him, and that he has a microchip in his arm. Reid uses sleight-of-hand learned during the breaks after exams in college to make Bryar believe that he has taken the chip out of his arm. Later, he talks Bryar down, saying, "I know what the voices are like." It's fairly clear that he is speaking from experience, though not necessarily his own. Despite this, he denies any personal connection with schizophrenia when Elle asks.

Episode 1x10, "The Popular Kids," Reid reveals to Morgan that he's been having nightmares. Morgan goes behind his back and tells Hotch and Gideon. While Morgan and Ried go to the out house of a building Reid is held at gun point. Morgan frees Reid by tackling them to the ground. Reid says "did you have to tackle us both" Morgan replies "You're welcome Reid" At the end of the episode, Gideon talks with Reid about focusing on the people they've saved, and not the ones who they can't get to. He gives Reid a photo of a girl he saved in the eighties, and the episode ends on a shot of Reid, eyes closed, looking like he's about to sleep.

Episode 1x17, "A Real Rain," While sharing a meal at a Chinese restaurant with the BAU team in New York City, Reid has trouble using his chopsticks, despite help from other team members.

Episode 1x18, "Somebody's Watching,"
When Reid meets up with a former high school classmate, Parker Dunley, we learn that Reid graduated from high school at 12 years old. Reid develops a relationship with a stalking victim whose case they're working on, a starlet, Lila, whose popularity is growing quickly. He is uncomfortable and unsure of how to deal with what's going on. He is assigned to protect her in her house, but can't stop her from swimming in her outdoor pool. She asks him to help her get out of the pool, but instead pulls him in. He is conflicted between his responsibility, and her heavy flirting. He momentarily gives in, and they share a few kisses, which are captured by a tabloid photographer. (In this episode, Reid once again manages to peacefully take down a mentally unstable UnSub single-handedly). In the end, he realizes he became Lila's hero, and is unsure if he should keep in contact with her.

Episode 1x22, "The Fisher King (Part 1)," Reid goes to Bennington Sanitarium in Nevada, where his mother is a patient. We learn she is schizophrenic as Reid talks to Dr. Jesson, who sought him out when she heard he was there. She tells him what makes his mother happiest is writing in her journals and receiving his daily letters, and she is going to be so excited he is there. She tells him Diana (his mother) is "exceptionally proud" of him and her journals are full of stories of his cases. Viewers learn his mother was also once a professor of 15th century literature. Reid tells Dr. Jesson he would prefer to let his mother rest that day and return tomorrow. He asks the doctor to give his mother a book he brought her - Marjorie Kemp - his mother's favorite author.
Season 2 Episode 2x01, "The Fisher King (Part 2)," We see Reid's mother in full for the first time and the type of relationship he has with her. Reid confides in Garcia about his reluctance to visit his mother, and his fear of one day inheriting schizophrenia. Reid admits to Garcia that he writes a letter to his mother every day so he won't feel so guilty about not visiting her. He also admits that team members tell him their secrets because they know he doesn't have anyone to betray them to.

Episode 2x06, "Boogeyman," Reid tells Morgan about how he talked to Elle before she shot William Lee and that she was drinking. He blames himself for not saying anything to someone. Morgan tells him that Elle made her own choice, and that it's on her and not him. We also learn that Reid doesn't like eating spinach and that he is afraid of the dark "because of the inherent absence of light".

Episode 2x11, "Sex, Birth, Death," Reid is sought out by a young man, named Nathan Harris, who shows the warning signs of one day becoming a serial killer. At the end of the episode, Nathan cuts his wrists while with a prostitute, leaving Reid's business card on a table beside him. The prostitute calls Reid's number and he and Garcia arrive in time to save Nathan's life. Another great moment between Gideon and Reid - what if Nathan does become a serial killer? "Then you catch him."

Episode 2x14, "The Big Game," Reid and JJ go to the house of a suspect, Tobias Hankel, and split up. Reid goes behind the barn and into a cornfield where he overhears Tobias talking to himself. He is hit over the head, captured and held hostage by Tobias.

Episode 2x15, "Revelations," Reid is held hostage and drugged by Tobias as the rest of the team races to find him. Footage of Reid being tortured is placed on the Internet. He manages to send Hotch a coded message at gunpoint. During Dilaudid-induced unconsciousness, Reid sees scenes from his childhood and this causes him to confess to Tobias that he had sent his schizophrenic mother away. We learn that his mother's mental illness got worse after his father left. Tobias drags Reid out and forces him to dig his own grave. Reid gets a hold of Tobias' gun and shoots him. Reid takes some Dilaudid off of Tobias' dead body.

Episode 2x16, "Fear and Loathing," Reid is trying to cope with the memory of what happened in Georgia while investigating a racially charged string of murders. Reid goes into a bathroom with the Dilaudid but seemingly does not take it. Tells Morgan about how he know understands what victims feel before they are killed.

Episode 2x17, "Distress," Still dealing with the trauma of Georgia, Reid focuses his anger on Prentiss, repeatedly snapping at her throughout their search for an UnSub suffering from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Reid himself continues to display some possible symptoms of PTSD, most notably his irritable reaction to the loud noise of the city-wide construction around them. In the episode you see Reid scratching his face a lot. Itching is a common side affect of Dilaudid. So the episode shows that Reid is addicted and is on it in this episode.

Episode 2x18, "Jones," The team travels to New Orleans, where Reid's friend, and rival from BAU training, Ethan lives. Reid continues to snap at Prentiss, even when she makes a little joke complimenting him. While in the city, Reid does go to see Ethan and they go to a bar. Ethan notices Reid is unhappy and can tell he is having a drug problem. Ethan tells Reid that his team members notice, even though Reid thinks they don't." He points at the wine glass in Reid's hand and tells him "it might help you forget...it won't make it go away" During that time, Prentiss called Reid 4 times and he ignored it, resulting in him missing a plane to interview a suspect. Prentiss gives him a hard time about it and later admits to Gideon that there's something going on with Reid and Gideon knows. At the end, Reid is at the bar watching Ethan play piano and Gideon finds him. Reid admits he's "struggling" and is questioning if he is strong enough and Gideon assures him that anyone would be after being abducted and drugged. Reid promises to "never miss another plane again."

Episode 2x19, "Ashes and Dust," During a briefing, Reid likens the arsonist to a drug addict, saying that "it would be almost impossible for him to quit without help." The comment draws stares from Morgan, Gideon, and Hotch, making Reid uncomfortable. It is hinted that Reid may be getting his addiction under control. He burns himself on the espresso maker and drops things. The lack of coordination suggests he's been without drugs after possible withdrawal in "Distress". He is very cheerful and seems better. He was excited that the station had an espresso maker and when JJ joked with him he excepted it without lashing out.
Season 3 Episode 3x02, "In Name and Blood," Reid worries about Gideon and goes to his cabin to check up on him. He drives a horizon blue 1965 Volvo Amazon P130 122s with a DC license plate WGS654. The cabin is empty, except for Gideon's gun, badge, and letter. The letter is addressed to Reid and contains an apology for his actions. It is also in this episode that Reid's possible drug addiction is mentioned again, when Hotch tells Prentiss that "another [agent] might have a very serious drug problem which I didn't report." We also get some possible insight into Reid's childhood when he describes a child with one absent parent and one mentally ill parent. It implies that Reid was on extra good behavior and would ask for extra projects and offer to clean classrooms for teachers.

Episode 3x03, "Scared to Death," Reid and the team wonder why Gideon left the letter for him specifically. Reid points out that Gideon left a letter without saying goodbye in person - just like his father when he abandoned Reid and Diana.

Episode 3x05, "Seven Seconds," Reid helps Morgan interview Katie's (the missing girl) cousin. He was the last person to see her before she went missing. Reid does a great job interviewing the boy and in the last interview reveals some of his personal life to the boy. He talks about when he first started noticing girls at 13 in an effort to get the boy to open up. He also shows empathy at the end when he tells the boy whose parents have both been arrested that they (the team) will make sure he is okay. Spencer also admits that he was an awkward child, of course we (as in the team, and all the shows viewers) all knew it but he has admitted to knowing it.

Episode 3x12, "3rd Life," At the end of this episode, Reid goes to the high school where the father is going to kill the UnSub. The father shoots the UnSub in spite of Reid's efforts to talk him down, leaving Reid standing in shock as the father (a State's witness), walks away without being charged.

Episode 3x14, "Damaged" Reid and Hotch interview a guy on death role for information. They get locked in the room that they were in interviewing Chester (They guy their interviewing). Chester saying He could kill 2 FBI agents. Before he had the chance to get at Hotch (Reid and Hotch were unarmed) Reid gave a 13 minute speech saying why he killed. The cops got them out. Reid says while him and Hotch are in the car, "I find that I do some of my best work under extreme terror".

Episode 3x15, "A Higher Power," In this episode when Prentiss and Reid are examining the suicide notes left by the victims, Reid realises that they are not written as suicide notes, but as 'amends' letters which are often part of a self help program like Narcotics Anonymous. He mentions that most groups asks the participant to write the letter to themselves. As he says this he appears self conscious as Prentiss looks at him and it sounds like he is speaking from personal experience.

Episode 3x16, "Elephant's Memory," In this episode,Reid attends his first meeting of the Beltway Clean Cops (some form of 12 step support group for addicts). He says he has been clean for 10 months. He has to leave abruptly due to a call from work, but a man named John stops him. John appears to be someone high up and he loans Reid his own one year medallion as inspiration-- saying he can give it back when he reaches his one year mark. It is speculated that he becomes Reid's mentor in the program. Rossi and Morgan tease Reid when he arrives late for the case meeting. Reid claims he was at a movie, but Rossi realizes he is lying. During the case Reid identifies with the UnSub, Owen Savage on all levels. Reid admits to Morgan that when he was a high school freshmen, a girl, Harper Hillman, approached him in the library and told him the prettiest girl in school, Alexa Lisbon, wanted to meet him behind the field house. When he arrived, Alexa was there with the entire football team. They stripped him naked and tied him to a goal post. Everyone there laughed at him and he begged them to help but nobody did. He finally got free and went home at midnight to find his mother having an episode, so he never told anyone what had happened. Morgan is the first person he's ever told. Reid also tells Hotch that being the smartest kid in school also meant being the loneliest. Reid withholds information from the team so they will not know where Owen is going. This gives Reid the opportunity to confront Owen and talk him in to surrendering, rather than allowing the boy to be gunned down. Although he saves the boy's life, he is reprimanded by Hotch-- who threatens to fire Reid if he ever does it again. Hotch then tells Reid to "catch the end of that movie"-- showing that he knows where Reid really was.

Episode 3x19, "Tabula Rasa,"Reid connects with a victim's father. In a flashback to a case on his first year at the BAU, Reid volunteers to deal with the victim's father at the crime scene, and, surprisingly, is tactful and helpful. Later in the episode, Reid prevents the father from shooting the man being tried for his daughter's murder. Reid tries to help give the man closure by talking him through the case and, at the end of the episode, returning his daughter's watch and sharing a moment with him.
Season 4

Episode 4x03, "Minimal Loss," Reid and Prentiss go undercover to a cult ranch where they are held captive. The press leak that an FBI agent is in the compound, prompting action from the cult leader, Benjamin Cyrus, who first suspects Reid. However Prentiss willingly gives herself up as the agent and is subsequently beaten by him. Feeling responsible, a regretting Reid is later assured by Emily that what Cyrus did wasn't his fault and that it was her decision to reveal herself as the agent, helping Reid regain his peace of mind.

Episode 4x06, "The Instincts," Two boys have been kidnapped in Reid's hometown of Las Vegas. The first boy's body has turned up in the desert and the team races against time to save the second boy before he suffers the same fate. As the team travels on the BAU jet toward Las Vegas, Reid falls asleep during the briefing and falls into a reoccurring nightmare where he discovers an abused boy's dead body behind laundry equipment in a basement. The team is concerned he's not up to this case and Hotch ask him if wants to sit it out, but he assures them he's fine. Reid experiences the nightmare once again when he and Morgan are on night duty with the kidnapped boy's parents prompting Morgan to search for, and find, an old police cold case file on the murder of a child named Riley Jenkins from when Reid was four years old. Reid, who had believed that Riley was a childhood imaginary friend, visits his institutionalized mother searching for clues to Riley's murder. Diana Reid and her doctor also assist Reid to refine his profile on who the UnSub is and he is able to find the young boy seconds before Morgan would have been forced to shoot the UnSub. Reid once again suffers through the reoccurring nightmare before the team is due to leave Las Vegas, but this time the ending has a twist. A man is bent over the boy's body and Reid forces the man to stand and identify himself. The man is William Reid, Spencer's father.

Episode 4x07, "Memoriam," Reid meets his father after 17 years. He discovers his father worked only 10 minutes away from him. Reid has Garcia hack his father's computer and he learns his father has collected all articles and information on Reid since he left him and his mother. Believing his father to be involved in the murder of a young boy named Riley Jenkins - who had been on the same softball team as Reid - Reid undergoes hypnotherapy and recovers memories of his father burning bloody clothes. He interrogates his father, leading Morgan and Rossi to believe he's taking out his personal frustrations. Diana Reid reveals that the real murderer was likely a man named Gary Brendan Michaels who had approached a then-four-year-old Reid while playing chess, causing Diana to become suspicious. She had informed Riley's dad, who then murdered Michaels while Diana was outside. Diana returned home where William Reid helped cover it up. William admits that the knowledge of what had transpired had become too big of a burden for him to stay with Reid and his mom. When Reid asks why he didn't come back, William admits he had lost his confidence and didn't know how to handle Reid any longer. At the end of the episode, Reid returns home to discover JJ has given birth to baby Henry, and he is asked by JJ to be the godfather.

Episode 4x08, "Masterpiece," Rossi and Reid are delivering an FBI promotional seminar to university students after which they are approached by a Professor Rothchild, who claims to have killed seven women over the past five years and that there are five more persons (later identified as a woman who runs a day care, and four of the children she cares for) that will die in less than 10 hour unless the team plays his game. Rothchild is fixated on Reid and demands to deal only with Reid while he belittles Rossi's intelligence. Rossi decides to throw Rothchild off balance by denying him Reid. While Rossi verbally spars with Rothchild, Reid and the rest of the team identify Rothschild's previous victims. Garcia receives a live video feed of the kidnapped woman and children while Morgan and Todd visit the day care center where Morgan sends a cell phone photo to Reid of a strange arrangement of toys on the floor of the play area that gives Reid the first clue on how to find the hostages. Recognizing the pendent that Rothchild is wearing around his neck as both the physical representation of a mathematical spiral and a template that when placed on a map of Virginia leads to the location of the kidnapped children, Hotch, Reid and Prentiss head for the location in a helicopter. Rossi is still unsettled about something and continues to talk with Rothchild. When the team arrives at the house, Rothchild reveals that it's all a trap and that Hotch and his team will never exit the house alive. After Rothchild reveals his complete plan to Rossi, Rossi reveals his own deception to Rothchild. Hotch and Rossi deduced that it was a trap and took precautions to deactivate the acid tanks trap and rescue the hostages while getting a video confession from Rothchild. Check, and checkmate.

Episode 4x09,"52 Pickup," Reid and Morgan are patrolling local clubs, warning young girls of a killer targeting clubs and abducting young girls. Morgan is offered 4 girl's numbers and Reid becomes interested. Morgan gives Spencer pointers. Reid then flirts with a bar tender by using magic tricks and gives her his number and a description of the killer. She sees the killer and attempts to call Spencer. After failing to contact Spencer, she is abducted. The team gets to her in time to save her and then later she calls Spencer and tells him that she has decided to give up bartending and to pursue a career in magic and sends him his card with a kiss smack on the back.We learn how confident Spencer is with magic. His business card identifies him as a Supervisory Special Agent which would make him GS14 rank. He is likely GS14 step 1 on the salary chart.

Episode 4x20, "Conflicted," Reid remembers his abduction by Tobias Hankel when dealing with another UnSub with multiple personalities, and he feels guilty for not being able to notice it in time to save Adam (the submissive personality) and the other victims. At the end of the episode, he is shown helping Amanda (Adam) to find Adam´s personality.

Episode 4x24, "Amplification," Reid risks his life to save innocent victims after a deadly strain of Anthrax is released into the air. He refuses to let the doctor give him any narcotics because of his past drug addiction to Dilaudid, and suffers through the pain. He has Garcia record a goodbye message for his mom in case anything happens to him. He helps solve the case while trapped inside the house the Anthrax was found in, and is later seen in an ambulance, suffering from aphasia (inability to speak properly), and coughing blood - all symptoms of the Anthrax. At the end, he is seen in a hospital bed while Morgan eats his Jell-O. He makes no mention of his father nor does he show any interest in leaving a final message to him so he may not be on speaking terms with him.
Season 5 Episode 5x01, "Nameless, Faceless," Reid helps a father find the UnSub targeting his 15 year old son. The UnSub is shown, waiting outside of the house as the father leaves. As this is happening Spencer realizes that it is not the son being targeted but the father. Reid is able to save the father and take down the UnSub, but gets shot in the leg in the process. He is seen on crutches for all episodes until 5x8, "Outfoxed" in which he is only on one crutch, and from 5x9, "100," through 5x11, "Retaliation," he uses a cane. He walks unassisted in 5x12 "The Uncanny Valley."

Episode 5x03, "Reckoner," It is revealed that Reid lied about being cleared to travel and Hotch forces him to stay behind with Garcia. He annoys her quite a bit, such as interrupting her, giving the team information from her screens, hovering over her shoulder, and at one point gets mildly excited when a man refers to him as "that kid... the smart one." Though they quarrel throughout the episode, they make up by the end.

Episode 5x12, "The Uncanny Valley," The case revolves around the medical treatment of children, and Reid is able to single out one specific doctor, that raped his own daughter and many other young girls. We see Reid's aggressive side, as he verbally attacks and intimidates the doctor. This is also the first time we see Reid walk unassisted since being shot in 5x01, "Nameless, Faceless."
Season 6 Episode 6x09, "Into the Woods," Reid seems particularly effected by the fact that they were not able to catch the unsub, who preys on prepubescent boys on the Appalachia trail saying "it's just hard to believe there's no justice for the families he destroyed." Showing that these victims hit a nerve, possibly because of the aftermath of the Riley Jenkins case.

Episode 6x12, "Corazón," Reid suffers from "blinding headaches and hallucinations." His behavior noticeably changes as he is almost late to the briefing and is unusually quiet. During this episode he befriends Julio Ruiz who notices that the light "is no good for you. It gives you a headache." and also later says "Your head is spinning because it's full of ghosts. You think you can do this job day in, day out and not carry it with you? It's eating your soul." Near the end of the episode, during one of Reid's worst headaches yet, he sees a photo that leads him to the UnSub who was actually across the street from the team's current location and was also holding Julio Ruiz and Elian Morales, planning to kill them both. Reid ventures out alone and without his Kevlar vest only to be caught by the UnSub and held at gunpoint. He "pretends" to have a headache and this combined with Julio's muffled shouts had distracted the UnSub long enough for Reid to hit him with a pipe, knocking him to the ground. Once freed, Julio gives Reid a bracelet, Orula's Ide, to protect him saying, "I don't need it anymore, but you..." Throughout the episode, he is asked if he is okay multiple times by everyone except Rossi and Garcia, though the former shared a knowing look with Hotch at the end of the episode after Reid dismissed Hotch's question that he "pretended" to have a headache in order to distract the UnSub. On exhausting all physical explanations he becomes frustrated and defensive on the accusation of his doctor that the cause may be psychosomatic. It is implied that he has already considered the headaches to be a symptom of paranoid schizophrenia and in truth is terrified that he has inherited his mother's disease. He storms out while putting on his sunglasses before any other explanation is given.

Episode 6x13, "The Thirteenth Step," In this episode one of the UnSubs goes to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting which becomes the next crime scene. At the crime scene the next day, Reid notes a few things that seem to come more from personal experience than a textbook, such as "If the meeting started at 8:00, and this happened at 8:45, then they were probably in the sharing portion of the meeting." He suggests that the UnSubs are struggling with sobriety and that "If they really are working the program they could be working on the hardest steps." Hotch asks "Which are?" Reid responds, "7, 8, and 9: acknowledge your shortcomings, accept responsibility, and make amends. The trouble is these UnSubs already broke one of the most important steps ... the thirteenth step, members aren't supposed to enter relationships with each other while trying to get sober." This in-depth knowledge alludes to his previous.experience with Beltway Clean Cops first seen in 3x16, "Elephant's Memory."

Episode 6x16, "Coda," In this episode Reid really becomes very attached and connected to an autistic boy named Sammy who's parents were kidnapped. Reid (who has displayed signs of mild autism himself) realizes all the signs and clues Sammy is trying to give to the FBI to tell them where the unsub took his parents. One amazing part of the episode is where Reid and Sammy are sitting on the chair in front of the piano and Sammy starts playing a song. Reid is confused on what the song means to him. Sammy (who is very sensitive to touch) takes Reid's hand, places it on the piano, teaches him the song, and they play it together. At the end, we see him walking home after purchasing a keyboard.

Episode 6.18, "Lauren," Reid is said to be the one who reacts more to Prentiss's "death". (Matthew Gray Gubler also directed this episode). Reid also says "Why run? We're her family, we can help." Which shows he cares a lot about Prentiss.

Episode 6.19, "With Friends Like These...," Reid talks down the UnSub, who has schizophrenia, by telling the UnSub to put down the knife, which the UnSub, in his hallucination, understands as "stab me in the neck". The UnSub rushes toward Reid with the knife and gets shot by Hotch. Throughout this episode, there are moments when Morgan is concerned about Reid. Morgan is seen watching Reid as they give the profile for any signs of sadness/depression. When it is Reid's turn to speak he mumbles slightly and keeps his head down. There is a moment in the episode where Reid is in the bathroom telling Morgan that not all schizophrenics are serial killers, Reid also tells Morgan about his headaches.

Episode 6.21, "The Stranger," Reid states that he enjoys horror movies (probably because he lives one). And his favorite part is when the innocent girl comes home, alone, "is someone in the shadows?" He also stated that he rode a bike while he was in college because-- although he could drive-- the government would not issue him a license since he was only 14.
Season 7 Episode 7.01, "It Takes a Village" In this episode we learn that Reid has been spending a lot of time at the firing range ever since Prentiss died. Reid shoots Chloe Donaghy as she comes out of the plane. It was also Reid's idea to release Ian Doyle. In this episode Reid is more confident and assertive than we have ever seen him before.

Episode 7.02, "Proof" In this episode, Reid gives JJ and Prentiss the cold shoulder because he is very hurt that he was not told that Prentiss was not actually dead. He feels betrayed by JJ because came to her house "for 10 weeks crying" and she never told him the truth. He also mentions that after Prentiss "died" he considered taking Dilaudid again. In the end he joins the rest of the team for dinner at Rossi's indicating that everything is ok.

Episode 7.04, "Painless," In this episode, Morgan gives the eager press Reid's number and tells them to call with questions. Reid spends most of the episode getting and silencing calls and grows increasingly frustrated with them until he finally answers when, snapping at the caller until Hotch calls his attention back to the case. While Reid hangs up and continues to explain his new theory, he catches Morgan looking amused. Too amused. As soon as he's finished talking and Hotch leaves, Reid vows to crush Morgan, which he only laughs at. Later, when the case is closed and the team return to D.C. on the jet, Reid pretends to sleep while Morgan's MP3 player suddenly cuts to Reid telling him not to start a prank war with him and the recording proceeds to scream in Morgan's ear. Morgan takes off the headphones and answers his phone, which is another recording of Reid screaming. Rossi suggests a truce, but Morgan says it's not over yet.

Episode 7.06, "Epilogue," In this episode, Reid recounts his experience "dying" with Tobias Hankel. He tells the team he saw a dark figure surrounded by bright, warm light. He explains that he did not and still cannot understand it because God can't be proven by science.

Episode 7.11, "True Genius" While focused on catching a killer who could be the Zodiac returned, Reid finds himself wondering if he is living up to his abilities as a genius. He ponders why he is with the F.B.I. He later has a heart to heart with Prentiss and realizes that he loves where he is and belongs there. It is also revealed that the team missed his 30th birthday this year (which they never do) and they throw him a surprise party in the end.
Episode 7.12, "Unknown Subject" We learn that Emily has been an 'emotional sounding board' for Reid, as she has been overcompensating to regain his trust. He also gives information on how smoking could be how the unsub is drugging his victims.
Episode 7.13, "Snake Eyes" We learnabout Reid's favourite gangster movie, which is a late 20th Century Frenchclassic, which results in teasingfrom Emily, JJ and Morgan. We learn that Reid has been banned from 3 different casinos because of his card counting ability and that he is a better player than Rossi. Rossi relents into letting him play when Reid starts talking about Poker's mathematical equation, earning laughter from JJ and Emily. He goes undercover and is seen winning all of his card games, before he gets manhandled by the unsub for touching his lucky charm. His is very resistant to the security touching him and says that he can leave himself, showing that he still isn't very comfortable with physical contact. He and Morgan go to the unsubs house together.
Episode 7.14, "Closing Time" Spencer gets upset when JJ gets hurt fighting, and tells the medic how to do their job, along with counting all of JJ's cut and bruises.
Season 8 Episode 8.4, "God Complex" Spencer makes phone calls to a mystery woman from a phone booth, that leave the team curious.

Episode 8.5, "The Good Earth" JJ's son Henry dresses up as Spencer for Halloween, and Spencer gives him his badge at the end of the episode, feeling much better. Morgan teases him about being the only genius in the FBI.

Episode 8.6, "The Apprenticeship" Morgan tries to convince Reid to be more athletic, and forces him to join the baseball team. At the end of the episode, Reid finally agrees, and when going up to bat, he misses the first two balls, but then Morgan talks to him, and gives him confidence, and he manages to win the game. He jumps on Morgan's back, and they laugh in joy and relief.

Episode 8.10, "The Lesson" Reid get's nervous as he prepares to meet mysterious phone booth girl, who turns out to be his girlfriend who is getting stalked. However, when at the restaurant waiting for her, he notices a man looking at him strangely, and calls Maeve (the phone booth girl) and tells her not to come in, as he thinks her Stalker is inside, she does leave, but tells the manager to give him a book she bought as a gift. It has a quote on the inside, about love, and Spencer smiles as he realises, he got her the same book as a gift. The rest of the team remain intrigued as to who it is he keeps meeting.

Episode 8.12, "Zugzwang" Reid finds out that his girlfriend, who he has never seen, has been kidnapped by her stalker. He finally tells his team everything, but confesses that he has never seen her, nor does he know where she lives, or her last name, all he knows is what she does for a living. He tearfully admits that because he can't focus on anything, he is the dumbest person in the room, and starts crying. Hotch tells them that this might not be a case, so they would be working in their own time, but the whole team cares for Reid so much that they offer to do it. When Garcia finds an image of Maeve, Reid refuses to see it. The whole episode focuses on Reid, and when he starts hyperventilating that he may never get the chance to meet her, Hotch orders him to talk through everything with someone, which he does with Alex. They realise where she is, and Reid offers himself up to the stalker, a woman named Diane Turner, to which she accepts. Reid pretends to be in love with her, and is forced to tell Maeve he doesn't love her the first time he lays eyes on her, but she tearfully tells him that 'she understands', because Maeve knows that Reid loves her. Everything is going to plan, except that when Diane kisses Reid, he fails to kiss passionately enough, and she sees it was all a trick, she angrily holds Maeve at gun point, and Reid offers himself up for Maeve again. His insistence to die for Maeve makes Diane angry, and she kills herself, but the bullet travels through her head, and then through Maeve's, killing them both. Reid falls to his knees in tears and his team watches behind him in heart broken shock.

Episode 8.13, "Magnum Opus" Reid has remained locked in his apartment for 2 weeks since Maeve's death, and Garcia has left him 7 baskets outside his door. Morgan has been phoning him non-stop but he refuses to answer. Garcia and JJ go to his apartment, but he won't open the door, instead knocking twice, to show them that he's conscious. Garcia later admits to Derek that she can't work without hearing Reid's voice, so Morgan phone's Reid, but instead of asking how he is, asks for help on the case. This draws Reid out of his shell and he phones back with information, but when Morgan asks how he is, he hangs up. This happens twice, but the second time, Morgan brings Garcia into the conversation, and when asked how he is, he responds with better, and thanks her for the baskets. He comes back to the office when he has a breakthrough with the case, and everyone is pleased to see him, hugging him, but Hotch tells him he can take all the time he needs. His breakthrough leads them to the unsub. At the end of the episode, Morgan and JJ tell Reid that they would do anything for him, and he asks for help cleaning up his apartment. Garcia, Morgan, and JJ are all seen cleaning up all the books in his apartment, and they all hug him on their way out. It ends with Spencer placing the book Maeve gave him back in the bookcase, saying 'Sometimes the hardest thing isn't starting over, but letting go'.

Episode 8.20, "Alchemy" Reid, still haunted by Maeve's death, tries to remedy this failure by personally tracking down any potential cases and finds one in Rapid City, South Dakota. Throughout the entire case, he is consoled by Rossi and opens up to him about the fact that he never saw her personally prior to her death and that he never even touched her once. Reid also cites that he has barely slept, fearing that he will dream about her. When the case is concluded, Rossi successfully gets Reid to finally move on. Reid falls asleep on the jet and dreams about Maeve, whom he shares a dance with.

Season 9Episode 9.17, "Persuasion" When a case came up in his hometown of Las Vegas, Reid calls his mother's sanitarium, intending to visit her. He is surprised to learn that her mental condition was beginning to improve, as she wasn't signed into the sanitarium as frequently and was actually allowed to have a supervised vacation to the Grand Canyon simultaneous to the investigation. When asked about it, Reid stated that he was overjoyed to learn about this, although he also expresses his belief that his mother might have actually forgotten about him, since they barely kept in touch. By the end of the episode, Reid receives a number of postcards and a golden collectible miniature of the Grand Canyon from Diana. These gifts please him, as that meant his mother still thought about him.

Episode 9.23, "Angels" Reid is shot in the neck by a suspect while trying to protect Blake. He appeared to be critically wounded. In "Demons", the follow-up to "Angels", it was revealed that the bullet barely missed his carotid artery and he underwent surgery. He spent most of the episode in the hospital, where Greg Baylor, who was posing as a nurse, attempted to kill him by injecting carbenicillin into his IV. When Baylor, whose true identity had not been exposed yet, ignored his objections, Reid slapped the syringe out of his hand. Baylor then pulled out a gun, but Garcia shot him with Reid's own gun, wounding him. Reid was then escorted home by Blake, who opened up to him about her deceased son Ethan before leaving. Reid said goodbye and then found that she had left him her badge and ID.


No main characters, except for Gideon and JJ, have called him by his first name in normal conversation. The only other person to call him Spencer is his mother. JJ calls him "Spence". In all seasons, Reid is often portrayed as wearing his watch over his shirt sleeve, regardless of whether it is a light shirt or a thick sweater. This is a typical gifted trait - gifted people are often oddly sensitive to things like clothing tags and jewelry against their skin. Reid read the book Empty Planet, by Ursula Kent when he was six. He remarks that it would take him ten minutes to buy and reread.
Reid is the statistical expert of the team. In "Ashes and Dust" Prentiss asked him if he had a percentage of arsonists that are caught. He had to admit he did, although he tried to be vague by saying "few" in an effort to be conversational. It didn't work. Reid has also proven himself to be a magician, a Star Trek nerd, a Star Wars nerd, and a coffee (with plenty of sugar) addict.
Reid is an expert in graphology, body language, and geographic profiling.
Spencer Reid wears mismatched socks. So does Matthew in real life(he sees it as bad luck to wear matching socks). The one time Matthew did wear matching socks, he sprained his ankle.
Reid's favorite movie as a kid was 'Babar'. Reid prefers Mozart over Beethoven. Reid is very freaked out by unborn baby kicks.
The topic of his dissertation in engineering was "Identifying Non-obvious relationship factors using cluster weighted modeling and geographic regression" His doctorates are in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering. He also has BAs in Psychology and Sociology, and is working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy. During the episode 4.07 'Memoriam', Garcia tells Reid that his father stores in his computer everything ever published online about Reid. The four stories below are the transcripts of the ones who appeared on her screen while she said that.

One Down, Two to Go

A year ago I wrote a story on young Spencer Reid who had just graduated college... at the age of sixteen! It is rare for such a young student to fulfill their undergraduate but to go on the following year and achieve his doctorate degree in Mathematics the next is a bit unheard of.
"I'm thinking this next year I'll go for either Chemistry or Engineering. I haven't decided where I want to focus my energy just yet," says the young super-genius. When I ask why he chose Cal Tech over MIT and Stanford, he quickly runs down a list of Professors he had a desire to study with. He makes no mention of the weather or girls.
"There was a week or two where I thought I might go to Yale to study the Classics," he says. "But then I realized I've already read everything they teach in the curriculum." Sound absurd? It is, until you remember he can read 20,000 words per minute. How does that skill translate to math equations, I ask. "Surprisingly well," he says. "Once you've taught one part of your brain to concentrate to focus, it frees up energy in another part of your brain which can give you a certain lucidity. Time begins to stand still relatively, of course."
BAU's Newest Member
By Paul Milworth

It's not everyday the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI accepts a new member to their elite team. Even more rare is the addition of a 22 year-old to the team.
"Agent Spencer Reid has a gifted mind," said team leader Special Supervisory Agent Jason Gideon, whose own resume dates back to the very beginning of the BAU. "He is young, and while he has never served in law enforcement, I see him as an integral part of the future of the BAU."
Others in the FBI community are surprised such a young man would be named to the FBI's elite, but when asked, Agent Reid had this to say. "My age is not the issue. Certainly, when dealing with an emotional situation it can be difficult to accept bad news. It's one of the reasons logic needs to become a more prominent state of being. Logically speaking, I'm the most qualified for the job."
Indeed, with three doctorate degrees from Cal Tech already, and a staggering IQ of 187 (higher than Einstein's, reportedly) as well as an eidetic memory, there is no psycho-logical exam or test the FBI could put in front of him he could not ace inside of an hour.
But what about the social aspect of the job? Knowing how to talk to victims' families and dealing with local police are two facets law enforcement types will tell you are impossible to learn from a book. "It's one of the reasons I have brought him aboard," said Gideon. "With a little tutelage and some field experience there will be nothing Agent Reid will not be able to accomplish with this team."

Fed Saves Railroad Passengers
By Rose Tamlyn

One Security Officer had already been shot and killed. The FBI Agent, who happened to be on the train, was handcuffed to her chair. The stand-off, which took place yesterday in a train car in Texas, could have ended far worse, authorities say.
"I only went in because I felt I had the best understanding of the suspect," said Special Supervisory Agent Spencer Reid. "In these situations, you have to first of all understand who it is you're dealing with in order to save as many people as you can. Fortunately for us, we were able to save almost everyone."
When asked how he handled things once inside the train, Reid said simply, "Delicately."
Doctor Ted Bryar, a physics professor in the midst of a psychological break, was put into custody after being rushed to the hospital, suffering a gunshot wound from another passenger. The passenger, whose name is being withheld by the FBI, had brought the gun on board, and waited for what he judged to be the opportune time to use the weapon.
"We do not condone the actions of the passenger who shot Doctor

[Note: The text is not entirely shown.]
FBI 'Crucial' in Finding Madison Child Killer
By Stanley Hartdale

Four children were dead. A fifth had gone missing. The small town of Madison locked all its doors, windows and even cancelled little league games.
The Sheriff was exhausted. The Deputies were stressed and at a loss for things to say to members of the community who just wanted to know when they're children would be safe again.
"I called in the FBI because I felt I had done everything within my own abilities to put an end to all this," said Sheriff Donald's.
"When our help on the case was requested I was handed the file so that I could do a routine assessment of the case," said Supervisory Special Agent Spencer Reid. "It became clear to me, about half way through the file; this was a serial and it wasn't going to stop any time soon. So we came out to Madison and we were able to help."
Help indeed. Before they were even here. Agent Reid was on the phone with Sheriff Donald's warning him of another abduction. Sure enough, about an hour later he received a call that another child had gone missing. Normal protocol was thrown out the door.
"Normally we wait a few hours, but given the prior kidnappings and the advice from Agent Reid we were on the case immediately. He gave us ideas of how to differentiate a missing child from one who had just wandered off for a few hours. By the time they got here, they were half way to solving the case."
The parents of the recovered child, who asked to remain anonymous, expressed their gratitude to Agent Reid and his team. "Without you we would be lost without our child."
Agent Reid dismissed their thanks amiably, adding, "It's our job to help when we see fit. This was one of those times the threat was imminent and we acted. It's a win for us."
In "Memoriam" we saw Reid's childhood room. His bookshelf contained the books:Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray; Charles Dickens FIVE NOVELS; Daniel Defoe FIVE NOVELS; Egyptian Hieroglyphs; Gray's Anatomy; Horse & Pony; several Eyewitness books.
The bookshelf also had toys:a robot; a whale; transparent human figure with blue base; knight on a horse; a Slinky; box of Stars; & some unidentifiable objects.
On his desk: some books; a lamp; scientific card; microscope; slides; chemistry set; little brain; little green alien; 3 pyramids; safety glasses; construction set; and a Visible Man on a white base.
His nightstand had a lamp; digital alarm clock; knight; a horse; & eyeglasses. There seemed to be a toy NASA rocket somewhere in his room. His walls had a rocket-shaped light switch cover; a poster of an astronaut on the moon; a NASA rocket launching; and a few unidentifiable posters. The chair at his desk had a basketball-sized softball resting on the seat.

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