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There are three basic categories which are used to classify multiple murderers. Based on the patterns of their murders, they are classified into

- mass murderers

- spree killers

- serial killers

A mass murderer is stereotypical defined as a "human time bomb". In general, the mass murderer is someone whose life is thrown off the track. He either gets fired or is left by his wife or suffered some kind of injustice that pushes him over the edge. He is filled with rage,blames the world around him for his failures and decides to wipe out everything and everyone within range. In the 1980s, after a series of incidents in which United States Postal Service (USPS) workers carried out such massacres, the term going postal became synonymous with employees snapping and setting out on murderous rampages. An example of a mass murderer would be Richard Speck, who killed eight student nurses in July of 1966, in a single night in their south Chicago townhouse. Killers who murder several members of their family, also fall into the mass murderer category. A key element of mass murder is that is occurs in a single location. This can either be the former or current working place or a more or less random but crowded location such as a restaurant, a playground, a shopping centre or a church.

Like the mass murderer, a spree killer (aka rampage killer) sometimes targets specific victims respectively locations. It may be the boss who fired him (his working place) or the professor who flunked him (his school). These murderers kill two or more victims. The main difference to a mass murderer is that he commits multiple murders in different locations. As with the serial killer the spree killer carries out his crimes over a specific time period, ranging from several hours to several days. The way he differs from a serial killer is that he does not wear a "mask of sanity" and there is no cooling-off period between the murders. Therefore their spree is considered a single event, even though the murders occur in separate locations.Robert Polin is an example of a spree killer. In October 1975 he killed one student and wounded five others at an Ottawa high school after earlier raping and stabbing a 17-year-old friend to death. The spree killer often commits suicide or goes for what is known as suicide by cop - putting himself in a position where police will have to kill him.

And a serial killer, as said before, is someone who kills three or more people in different locations over a certain period of time. There has to be a cooling-off period between his crimes.

Simple Comparison Chart

Attributes Serial Killers Mass Murderers Spree Killers
Victim Count 5+ 3+ 4-5+
Victim Rate Months - Years Hour/s - Day Days - Week/s - Months
Kills At Victim Rate 1-2 at one time many at one time 1-2 at a time
Common Killer White/Male/20-30 White/Male/25-40 White/Male/20-30
Common Kill Stabbing/Strangulation Shooting Stabbing/Shooting
Common Weapon Knife/Binding Gun Knife/Gun
Common Victim Females(Trait) Females(Mostly) & Males Females & Males
Organization Type Disorganized/Organized(3/4) Disorganized Disorganized
Motive Sex/Rejection Rejection/Revenge/Deranged Rejection/Revenge/Deranged
Rape/Sadism Yes(Org.)/Yes(Disorg.) Rare/No Maybe/No
Killing Attitude To Go Uncaptured Uncaring/Suicidal To Go Uncaptured

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